Making a game out of life’s little journeys!

Welcome to the home of Geo Hitch, the new and innovative location based activity that’s fun for the whole family. Prepare for adventure as you search for, track down and capture virtual HitchHikers from real life places using your own mobile device.



All a HitchHiker really wants to do is travel; and they want to do it with you! Yet they also have personal missions. Will you be the one to fulfil that goal by taking them to the Eiffel Tower? Will you realise their ambition by delivering them to the bustle of Times Square? Exotic Rio de Janeiro? Wonderful Waikiki Beach…?

BaldNo? Well that doesn’t matter! Your little pocket tourist is sure to appreciate every ride. Whether it’s a short trundle to the shops, a longer commute to work, a cross country visit to Granny Annie’s or a mammoth trek across the globe you can be a part of each HitchHiker’s history.



With each successful drop off, you’ll earn coins and points according to how far and how fast you’ve travelled. With your rewards, why not:

  • Create your own HitchHiker – name them, choose clothes, assign a Mission and track your offspring round the world!
  • Buy a ticket – send your favourite HitchHiker to a friend’s house anywhere in the world!
  • Add to Backpacks – donate items to your passengers to boost your performance!
  • Upgrade your vehicle so you can collect that extra HitchHiker you had to leave behind!

Fun for all

Geo Hitch is a great way for individuals, couples or families to enhance their normal routines or discover new pursuits and locations. Whether you take life at a saunter or at a sprint, there’s always time for picking up a little one!

If you’re one to compete, make sure you hunt down the SwagBags for the thrill of stolen goodies! Visit the various Leaderboards and check out your progress against the world and your neighbours. Are you the best host to those in need?

Not going anywhere soon? Take the time to get closer to your passengers. Explore individual profiles, and investigate exactly how Backpacker Jack ended up in your neighbourhood.


We at Geo Hitch think you’ll be amazed at how attached you become to your virtual little friends. You may find that some become more like family members!

It’s OK to keep them close – simply log their journeys as Daytrips to record your own movement throughout the year. But if you pluck up courage and say a fond farewell, be sure to track their journey across the globe.

Will your paths ever meet again…?